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About Bhutan

Bhutan the "Land of the Thunder Dragon" is a Buddhist Kingdom located east of Nepal with its northern territories bordering Tibet. The Himalayan ranges make up most of Bhutan and the mountains of Great Himalaya dominate the northern region. The rugged terrain is one of the most prominent natural features of this ancient land and makes for perfect exploration opportunities. If you are keen to discover this hidden gem we can help you create the ideal trip or trekking package to suit your needs.

The country itself is small but is home to some truly incredible and dramatic landscapes that include steep mountains, subtropical plains, high valleys that run down from the great northern glaciers reaching an elevation of up to 5,500 meters. In this wonderful terrain you can encounter a yak grazing on the Alpine pastures or maybe you"ll be lucky enough to drink tea with a monkin one of the many monasteries scattered throughout the kingdom.

Much of the landscape is made up of mountainous slopes, with some snow capped peaks reaching an elevation of more than 7,300 meters. This makes for the perfect trekking destination for anyone who truly wants to explore the Great Himalayas. With peaks such as Jomolhari and monasteries that cling to cliffs one can surely feel challenged. There are many ways one can discover the beauty of Bhutan and specialized tours and trips can be arranged.

All around the country one can notice the influence of Bhutanese customs and religious rites, from the devotion and colorful festivals to the national dress code everyone follows. Although having been open to some aspects of the outside world since the 70s, the country is still largely protecting its ancient traditions. This makes Bhutan an even more attractive choice as a travel destination mainly because it is still unspoiled by outside influence and has maintained its authenticity in a pure state. If you need further information on traveling to Bhutan, or would like to book a quality trip to, please get in touch with us

Why travel to Bhutan

Authentic, traditional, divine, these are just some of the words to describe this sacred land infused in mystery and magic. Bhutan can easily feel like a spiritual haven with some of the highest unclimbed mountains in the world as well as a multitude of natural wonders ranging from unique wildlife to dazzling Alpine scenery. It is home to amazing Himalayan trekking trails including the challenging yet astounding Snowman Trek rated as one of the most stunning trails in the whole Himalayan region. Let's not forget the iconic Tiger's Nest Monastery situated on the edge of a 3120m high cliff with scenic views out to Paro Valley. The climb itself is not the easiest but yet so rewarding when you reach the top and soak in the panoramic scenery. So if you are a mountain trekker, climber and have a soul yearning for adventurer, Bhutan is definitely the place to go.

Those who love nature and countryside will not be disappointed when exploring Bhutan. The pristine natural beauty, stunning greenery, crisp mountain air and Alpine scenery create a visual and sensory feast for anyone who visits. What makes it even more appealing are efforts made by the government to ensure the preservation and protection of natural environment as well as a focus on sustainable socio-economic development. Keeping Bhutan green is taken very seriously and by law 70% of the area must be maintained as forestland which means pollution free skies and fresh, clean air. Moreover, policies are created to ensure Bhutanese values are nurtured and foreign influence does not permeate the cultural heritage. In order to minimize the effects of mass tourism, the country practices a "high value, low impact" policy. After all this this is the last great Himalayan Kingdom determined to safeguard its rich traditions and history. All this makes Bhutan a place like no other, a place so special and unique that those who travel to this remote land feel a deep connection with this ancient kingdom.

Bhutan is by far one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. The climate is relatively pleasant all year round and weather makes the country accessible to visit even in the monsoon season. The most popular period to explore Bhutan are the months of Spring and Autumn with warmer days and sunnier skies. In saying that winters are mild and temperatures rarely drop below 10 degrees during the day making Bhutan suitable for trekking no matter the season. Whether you are looking forward to crossing some challenging high mountain passes or ascend snowy peaks we at IHSA can tailor your dream trip to Bhutan. For further information please contact us on:

If you still need convincing, then how about the safety reason? Bhutan is an exceptionally peaceful country where its people hold strong Buddhist beliefs of being kind, hospitable and generous to others. Everyone is genuinely friendly with open hearts and a willingness to help visitors enjoy their Bhutan experience as much as they can. You can rest assure that you will feel not only safe but also learn about the Bhutanese ways of life, values and priorities so different from the western world. Ancient traditions are very much embraced here with locals proudly wearing traditional Bhutanese attire or cooking with methods dating back centuries. No wonder at times you may feel as though you've been transported back in time.

Culturally Bhutan showcases a multitude of visual art and crafts mostly symbolic and rooted in Buddhist philosophy. You can take you time visiting museums or monuments to learn about Bhutanese history or take part in ancient festivals that have been enjoyed since the 16th century. There is also an abundance of monasteries, ancient fortresses, legendary temples all waiting for you to discover. If you wish to slow down your fast paced modern lifestyle and immerse yourself into a way of life so authentic and pure, Bhutan is the place for you! For more information or to start planning your trip to Bhutan please feel free to get in touch with one of our representatives. We have years of experience and offer a professional service with personalized tours to suit your needs and budget. Feel free to get in touch with us

Arranging VISAS and Permits to Bhutan

VISA procedures

When planning a trip to Bhutan one needs to thoroughly understand the visa procedures and requirements. The most important aspect to keep in mind is that Bhutan's visa policies are not as complicated as they first may appear to be and arranging your paperwork via a licensed tour operator is crucial if not compulsory. At IHSA we are a professional travel agency with 16 years of experience and a Certificate of Excellence. We make it our priority to ensure you arrive at your destination safely and efficiently with all documentation in order. Whether you are a searching for that dream trek in Bhutan or need professional advice on traveling to this magnificent kingdom, we can assist with any enquiries you may have. To learn more about your visa application to Bhutan or to book a package tour please get in touch on:

What permits or visas do I need?

Basically, to receive entry into Bhutan, nationals of all countries (excluding Indian, Bangladeshi and Maldivian passport holders) must obtain a Travel Visa prior to arrival. This can only happen if visitors book and pay for their holiday in advance via a government approved tour operator that takes care of Visa arrangements and application. Please remember you passport must be valid minimum 6 months.

If you wish to obtain such a Visa we will gladly assist with all the necessary paperwork and documentation. At IHSA, a Kathmandu based local agency we have years of experience and provide a worry-free Bhutan travel experience tailored to your needs. Get in touch today with one of our friendly agents to avoid the hassle, additional charges and time consuming bureaucracy.