Kathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara TourKathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara TourKathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara TourKathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara TourKathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara TourKathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara TourKathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara TourKathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara TourKathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara TourKathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara Tour
Kathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara Tour
Kathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara Tour
Kathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara Tour
Kathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara Tour
Kathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara Tour
Kathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara Tour
Kathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara Tour
Kathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara Tour
Kathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara Tour
Kathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara Tour

Nepal - Express tour 

Kathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara Tour

The Kathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara Tour is one of our favourite Tour and we’d be delighted to help you explore this impressive region in Nepal.

Kathmandu Mount Everest Pokhara Tour is a perfect combination tour of Nepal. Kathmandu is the capital city and also known as the city of Temples with a population of around 1 million. Pokhara valley, an ideal combination of tranquility and sweetness that lies two hundred km west of Kathmandu is found between the nice Himalaya and Mahabharat ranges within the western Development region of Nepal. This tour included UNESCO cultural Heritage of Kathmandu Valley, Chandragiri Hill Himalayas and nature paradise Pokhara. In this tour, you will visit the following mention major attraction sites of Kathmandu and Pokhara in Nepal.


  Mind pleasant beautiful water fall and this tunnel is approximately 500 feet long and runs 100 feet below ground level

Visit Tibetan Refugee people settlement and seeing Knit and make up jewellery, trinkets, carvings and carpets knit by Tibetan people

√  Time-tested cave formations with ample natural lighting & an underground waterfall of Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

  Visit beautiful Shanti Stupa in Pokhara and view a panoramic view of the Annapurna range, Pokhara city and Fewa Lake With fantastic Annapurna mountain views, crystal clear Himalayan white-water and a beautiful gorge decorated with a suspension bridge and prayer flags – the Upper Seti River

√  Visit one of the largest Buddhist stupas in the world and major pilgrimage point in Kathmandu and The historic center of the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu Durbar Square

  Swoyambunath (Monkey Temple) is an ancient religious complex atop a hill in the Kathmandu Valley, west of Kathmandu city. It is one of the most sacred Buddhist sites in Nepal

  At 2547m above sea level, the view tower gives you an unobstructed 180-degree view of the majestic Himalayas from the  Annapurna ranges to Mt. Everest, the snow-capped peaks feel like they are just an arm’s length away from you

  Everest scenic flight aids you in having the close view of the mountain ranges in Everest region including the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest

  Embark on a culturally rich historical tour to Bhaktapur & Patan & learn about the history of the Malla kings with fact-filled stories



Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu (1350m/4429 ft.) 

Garden of Temples
Flying into Kathmandu is a memorable experience with the Himalaya spread out. Timepass is so quickly, enjoying the views of marvelous Himalayan ranges along with the world's highest peak Mount Everest while being on this flight. Gradually your flight will land at (TIA) Tribhuwan International Airport at 1350m, there you will get your stuff, stay queue for Nepal entry visa which can be obtained in advance or on entry and for the visa process at Kathmandu TIA, you will take around 45min, it depends on the number of people in a queue. For more detail about the Nepal entry visa information, have a visit to Nepal govt. official site "Department of Immigration Nepal". After you will exit from the gate, where you will see our company staff waiting for you withholding placard written with the company name. There you are welcomed by holy Kharata then guests are transferred to 3* hotel with the best accommodation provisions. It takes around 30min-45min to reach at Thamel from TIA via means of transportation. The scenes of Pashupatinath, city, full of various vehicles, peoples make our journey more enjoyable and amazing, then we reach the hotel and take rest. Thamel is full of restaurants, shopping centers, and good accommodation.
[Included meals: Welcome drink]
Overnight at Hotel


Day 2: Everest Scenic Flight Tour & transfer to  Pokhara (823m/2700.13 ft.), 1hr+25min

Air Tour In Mount Everest and Paradise Pokhara Tour 
After having our breakfast in the hotel at Kathmandu, we move towards driven to Tribhuwan Domestic Airport early in the morning. We do an hour mind-blowing sightseeing tour in the Everest region. Mountain Flight is an adventurous game where we get a bird’s eye view of some of the highest and most impressive mountains in the world including Mount Everest (8848 m), Lhotse (8516m) and Nuptse (7855m) as well as the stunningly shaped Ama Dablam (6812m). It’s a lifetime unforgettable experience, memory only available in Nepal. After this Air Tours, we'll take another scenic flight to Pokhara Domestic Airport. We take 25min to land at Pokhara Domestic Airport of Nepal. We'll be enjoying the views of marvelous Himalayan ranges along with some of the world's highest peaks while being on this flight. Once you reached Pokhara Airport. It takes around 15min to reach the hotel at Lakeside city from Pokhara Domestic Airport via means of transportation. The amazing scenes of snowcapped and naked hills, mountains, settlement, view of the blue lake, pleasant nature make our journey more enjoyable, then we reach the hotel and take rest. Pokhara is the second beautiful touristic site of Nepal, there various kind of restaurants facilities are available to enjoy the foods, budget to 5* accommodation is available.
[Included meals: Welcome drink]
Overnight at Hotel


Day 3: Upper Seti River Rafting & S/seeing Tour in PKR' most attraction nature sites

Water Sports in Pokhara and nature tour 
After having our good breakfast in the hotel at Pokhara, we move towards driven to Upper Seti River in the morning. We take 30min to reach Seti River Rafting spot. We do a 1hr 30min river rafting tour in Seti flowing River. This is a short and sweet half-day trip that offers non-stop adrenaline-filled rapids. Rafting the Upper Seti River is the ultimate day trip in Pokhara, the "adventure capital of Nepal". Each raft is lead by an internationally certified professional raft guide and safety kayakers accompany the entire trip for added protection. No experience is necessary. Upper Seti River Rafting is a mysterious wonder of Pokhara. It is originated from the Machhapuchare glacier, Seti (which means white water) river runs through the main city area in about 40 meters of depth. The river provides a perfect view of its dreadful rush before it disappears into a deep gorge at Bagar and Ramghat.

Timepass is so quickly, enjoying rafting fun, adventure, the views of marvelous Himalayan ranges along with secret peak Mount Machhapurnare, world's highest peak Mount Annapurna while being on this rafting tour. After performing 90min rafting at Upper Seti, adventure lovers return back to the hotel at Lakeside and after sometime rest, we continue our tour to following stated major attraction nature sites of Pokhara

Davi's fall
Waterfall in Pokhara
Davi's Fall Swiss lady was swept away and died in 31 July 1961. The water following from Phewa Lake shows a wonderful fall. You find hollow sandy part and a heavy fall of water within its natural trench. It looks really amazing scene of rainbow with sunlight when a volume of water falls in the deep rocky gorge and produces the water vapor especially.

Gupteshwor Cave
Cave in Pokhara
Explore round the ancient caves of Gupteshwor reported to be the longest crumple of Nepal (2950m). Towards its finish, a falls ran through it, that is from Davis fall on top of. There are many limestone caves as interesting parts of the geological study. Gupteshwor cave, where an idol of Lord Shiva is mysteriously found is situated just opposite to the Davi’s fall.

Tashiling Tibetan Refugee Camp
Tibetan Refugee Settlements
Tibetan Refugee Camp is another interesting visit site which is the containment camps of the Tibetan refugees following the Chinese occupied in 1950. This is a good place to be told concerning and facilitate the Tibetan Refugees. They have a deposit that's a requirement see to be told and appreciate the difficulties they need endured. It will add rather more aspiring to the work they are doing here. You will see the women first hand making their rugs and wall hangings. You will visit the store of which the money goes back into the community!

World Peace Stupa
Planet Peace Stupa in Nepal
World Peace white Stupa is one of the most major attraction of the Pokhara City which is South of the Fewa Lake. It is just above the Fewa Lake commands super view of the Pokhara valley & the surrounding mountains. It is a massive Buddhist stupa located on a hill. This stupa symbol of peace where the huge idols of Lord Buddha from Japan, Sri Lanka & Thailand have been installed. From here we enjoy the Brea taking views of Himalayan ranges, lakes & the city & sunset. From here we return to hotel & attain best traditional restaurant of Pokhara & enjoy various sort of foods, drinks with Nepali traditional dances performance by cultural groups. After return to hotel & get relax.
* Included meals: Dinner, Overnight at hotel *


Day 4: Scenic flight to KTM (1350m/4429 ft.) & KTM UNESCO cultural Heritage sites

After having our breakfast in the hotel at Pokhara, we move towards driven to Pokhara Domestic Airport early in the morning. We take 15min to reach Pokhara Domestic Airport of Nepal. We'll overview mountain views, dramatic city, blue lake, etc and on flight ride back, we enjoy views of marvelous Himalayan ranges along with the world's highest peak Annapurna, Fishtail, etc being on this flight. It takes around 25min to reach Tribhuwan Domestic Airport at Kathmandu, from here our company staffs will receive your stuffs and transfer to your hotel but you will move directly onward Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Boudha Stupa, Chandragiri Hill, Patan Durbar Square and Swayambhu Stupa then finally transfer to your hotel at Thamel. 

Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Temples that mirror the mountains
Bhaktapur is literally translated to Palace of deportees and ancient Newa city in the east come of the Kathmandu. Among the three Durbar Squares, the Bhaktapur Durbar Sq. is by far the most elegant with its large open spaces facing south. The magnificent Golden Gate and the palace of 55 Carved Windows have added splendour to this palace square which consists of the building dating from the 13th century to the 18th century. Bhaktapur's landmark is the planet famous five-tiered Nyatapola, or five-storeyed temple, built in 1702 at Taumadhi Sq. Bhaktapur is a living museum of arts and architecture. Each and every piece of art speaks of the city's history. The monuments and sculptures reflect centuries-old craftsmanship.

In Bhaktapur, you will visit five storeys tall 30m above the sq. Nyatapola Temple(Hindu temple in Bhaktapur), which is the highest temples in all of Nepal, The broad-fronted, triple-roofed Bhairabnath Temple(Hindu Temple), National Art Gallery (Gallery), Potters’ Square(you will participate), Char Dham Temples(Hindu Temple), Dattatreya Temple(Hindu Temple), Taleju Bell(Monument) many more temples.

Boudha Stupa
Buddhist stupa in Nepal
There is nowhere quite like Boudhanath. Asia’s largest stupa pulses with life as thousands of pilgrims gather daily to form a kora (ritual circumnavigation) of the dome, to a lower place the watchful eyes of the Buddha, which gaze out from the gilded central tower. Tibetan monks in maroon robes wander the prayer flag-decked streets whereas pilgrims spin prayer wheels and fill up on butter and tsampa (roasted barley flour). This is one among the few places within the world wherever Tibetan Buddhist culture is accessible and unshackled, and therefore the lanes around the stupa area unit filled with monasteries and workshops producing butter lamps, ceremonial horns, Tibetan drums, monks’ headgear and the other accessories essential for Tibetan Buddhist life. Many of the monasteries around the stupa have opened their doors to foreign students, therefore you’ll see lots of Western Dharma students in maroon robes as you stroll around the backstreets. After we continue to Durbar Square.

Chandragiri Hill in Kathmandu
Excursions in Kathmandu
After Bhaktapur tour, we will continue to Chandragiri Hill rather than Patan. The drive will take around 1hr 30min it depend on the traffic jam. Chandragiri Hill is 16km from Central Kathmandu lies on the South-West of Kathmandu Valley is at 2551m. Chandragiri hill will reach either by Cable Car or drive or hike. The cable car route is around 2.5 km and it takes around 10-15min depending on the wind speed on the cable car. It is an easy, thrilling and fun-filled experience exploring in the cable car. You will overview the 360 view of Kathmandu Valley, Mountain ranges from Fishtail all the way to Ganesh Himal. We will take a short walk around the Temple at the top. After spending a few hours we will ride back the cable car to the Base and continue to Patan Durbar Square.

Patan Durbar Square
Historic Site in Kathmandu
Patan Durbar Square, the main attraction, comes equipped with a museum, palaces, Hindu temples, and ancient courtyards. The ancient royal palace of Patan faces on to magnificent Durbar Sq. This concentrated mass of temples is probably the foremost visually gorgeous show of Newari design to be seen in Nepal. Temple construction in the square went into overdrive during the Malla period (14th to 18th centuries), particularly during the reign of King Siddhinarsingh Malla (1619–60). It well values a minimum of a half day trip from the capital of Nepal.

Reconstruction of temples laid low with the 2015 earthquake can continue for several years, so safety fencing and scaffolding is to be expected. However, all restorations square measure well current and therefore the Royal Palace housing the museum is open. After this tour, we return to the hotel, do shopping for the personal belonging, family, friends and evening celebrate with Nepal's best traditional foods and drinks.
Included meals: Dinner, Overnight at hotel 

Kathmandu Durbar Square
Historic Site in Kathmandu
Kathmandu’s Durbar Sq. was wherever the city’s kings were once topped and legitimized, and from wherever they dominated (durbar suggests that palace). As such, the sq. remains ancient the heart of the recent city and Kathmandu’s most spectacular gift of traditional design. The sq. bore the force of Kathmandu's 2015 earthquake damage. Half a dozen temples folded, as did many towers within the Hanuman Dhoka palace complicated, however, it's still a superb complicated. Reconstruction will continue for years. Although most of the sq. dates from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries (many of the first buildings are abundant older), a good deal of reconstruction happened once the nice earthquake of 1934. The entire sq. was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1979. Durbar Sq. the area is actually made up of three loosely linked squares. To the south is the open Basantapur Sq. area, a former royal elephant stables that currently home memento stalls and off that runs Freak St. The main Durbar Sq. the area is to the west. Running northeast could be a second a part of Durbar Sq., that contains the doorway to the Hanuman Dhoka associate degreed an assortment of temples. We keep continuing tour.

Swayambhu Stupa(Monkey Temple)
Buddhist stupa in Kathmandu
The Swoyambunath Stupa is one of the crowning glories of Kathmandu Valley architecture. This absolutely proportioned monument rises through a painted dome to a gilded spire, from wherever four iconic faces of Gautama Siddhartha stare out across the valley within the cardinal directions. The site was jolted severely by the 2015 earthquake, however, the most stupa sustained solely superficial damage.

The entire structure of the stupa is deeply symbolic: the white dome represents the planet, whereas the 13-tiered, tower-like structure at the highest symbolizes the thirteen stages to nirvana. The nose-like squiggle below the piercing eyes is truly the Nepali range ek (one), signifying unity, and above is a third eye signifying the all-seeing insight of the Buddha.

The base of the central stupa is ringed by prayer wheels decorated with the sacred mantra om mani Padme hum (‘hail to the jewel within the lotus’). Pilgrims circuiting the stupa spin all as they go past. Fluttering higher than the stupa area unit thousands of prayer flags, with similar mantras, that area unit aforesaid to be carried to heaven by the Wind Horse.
* Included meals: Dinner, Overnight at hotel *

Day 05: Departure from KTM (1350m/4429ft.)

IHSA will drop off you at the TIA airport by private transportation with farewell flower garland and convey wishes
Included meal: Breakfast

For this tour, you will be staying comfortable Accommodation in a quality 3* hotel with breakfast in Kathmandu and Pokhara as per the itinerary [upgrade possible]. You will get 1 double Rooms (between two travellers).

This Tour will take place at Kathmandu and Pokhara in Nepal.


On your stay in Kathmandu and Pokhara, you will be given a welcome drink upon your arrival, daily breakfast and best food in traditional restaurent be provided to you. If you have special dietary requirements, please communicate it to the organizer when making a reservation


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Kathmandu and Pokhara Tour
Conor Crowley from Ireland and I went with Tsering's tour company to fulfil an ambition to trek Boudha, Patan, Bhaktapur, Seti Rafting, Davi’s fall, Tibetan Refuge Camp, Peak Pagoda, Chandragiri, Basantapur Durbar Sq. (With my sister). From the start of the booking process through the tour and post stay in Kathmandu I must say that Tsering was organised and attentive at all times, and very accommodating with payment structure. The guide on the trek Krishna was very patient and worked the nightly accommodation based on our capabilities and we owe in no small measure our success to him.

Before and after the trek in Kathmandu Tsering looked after my sister and myself very well with a guided tour and hospitality meal. I did have some flight issues and Tsering was on hand to help me, even though it was his day off. All in all a great tour and Kathmandu experience organised by Tsering and The Incredible Himalayan Sherpa Adventure.

Martina Dwinita


Trip Facts

Tour Duration: 5 Days & 4 Nights

Accommodation: Hotel

starts/ends point: Kathmandu

Best Season: Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter

Transport: Private vehicle & Domestic Flight

Equipment: Basic tour gear

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+ Meals (Breakfast+Dinner) during the tour

+ 1 Night 3* hotel in Pokhara and 2 Nights 3*hotel in Kathmandu on BB plan basis as per the itinerary

+ Necessary paper works, government and local taxes

+ Duffel bag, tour map, IHSA company t-shirt, IHSA company t-shirt

+ Professional English speaking certified raft guides, his travel, foods, accommodation, salary and insurances, safety kayakers Int'l name brand ISO/CE certified rafting equipment including helmets, PFDs, paddles, splash jackets and wetsuits, River permits, Industry standard first aid kits, Bottled water

+ Davi's fall, Gupteshwor Cave, Planet Peace Pagoda, Boudha, Patan, Kathmandu Durbar Sq., Bhaktapur, Swayambhu, Chandragiri Hill-Entry/Admission fees


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- International Airfare to and from your country

- Nepal Visa fee for on arrival entry visa (US$ 25 or equivalent for 15 days, US$ 40 for 30 days & US$ 100 for 90 days. For the further detail information have visit through this link; http://www.nepalimmigration.gov.np/

- Travel & Health Insurance

- Gear for River Rafting Footwear **please wear strap sandals or comfortable water proof shoes, swimwear, towel, toiletries,sunglasses, sun hat

- Lunch & Dinner in Kathmandu

- Any alcoholic beverages, cold drinks and boiled mineral water as well as snacks, deserts etc. during the trek

- Gratuities

- Unforeseen expenses not under our control such as flight cancellations or delays, weather related issues, illness during the tour, rescue costs etc.

- Any other costs not specifically included. Please feel free to ask if in doubt.

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  • Nepal Visa Fee


Tour Equipment

Please bring following stated equipment. The equipment you can buy in Kathmandu with different quality in good price.

  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat

Gear for River Rafting

  • Footwear **please wear
    strap sandals or comfortable water proof shoes
  • swimwear
  • towel and
  • toiletries

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