Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)
Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)
Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)
Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)
Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)
Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)
Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)
Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)
Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)
Putha Hiunchuli Expedition (7246m)

The Mount Putha Hiunchuli expedition (7246m) is one of our favorite treks and expedition and we’d be delighted to help you explore this impressive region & peak in Nepal.

The expedition peak Putha Hiunchuli 7246m lies in the wild western part(Dolpa) of the Dhaulagiri range Nepal is known as the mountain that fascinates everyone and sometimes this mountain is also known as Dhaulagiri VII. To the west, there is standing Annapurna South Himal and Ganesh Himal. Not only this It is also surrounded by beautiful mountains like Dogri, Samjang, and Churen. The mount Putha Hiunchuli expedition is popular for crystals, skiing. Putha Himal resembles the Churen Himal(7385m) looking from afar, so it also indicates as twins.

Putha Hiunchuli Himal is less technical difficult to climb. This is the highlight reasons people of various level ages who want to climb and reach the mountains whose height is more than 7000m then mount Putha Hiunchuli (7246m)might be your perfect opportunity to climb. It was first climbed by Jimmy Roberts in 1954. The base of the mountain is also known as the research center of Yarsagumba. There every year researchers of Yarsagumba, merchants use to come from different planets.

The Spring season (February, March, April) and Autumn/Fall season (October and November) are the perfect time to climb this Putha Hiunchuli mountain. The royalty fees of all the mountains peak became a little more expensive in the spring and a little cheaper in the Autumn. The journey begins with a 55-minute flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and the next day a 155 km flight from Nepalgunj to Juphal(Dolpo) and after the flight, we do the trek to base camp via Dunai and climb the picturesque Putha Hiunchuli peak.



  • Climb beautiful (7246m) less technical & safety Mount Putha Hiunchuli
  • Trekking in the planet’s isolated Himalayan region – Dolpo
  • Opportunity to encounter endangered wild animals such as Snow Leopard, Blue Sheep, and Himalayan Tahr
  • Special Bon cultural villages and inhabitants like DhoTarap
  • The culture & people of both Bon po and Nyingmapa of Buddhist sections



Day 01

Arrival in Kathmandu (1350m/4429 ft.), transfer hotel

Flying into KTM is a memorable experience with the Himalayas spread out. Timepass is so quickly, enjoying the views of marvelous Himalayan ranges along with the world's highest peak Mount Everest while being on this flight. The flight will land at (TIA) Tribhuwan International Airport at 1350m after you will receive Nepal entry visa which can be obtained in advance or on entry and for the visa process at Kathmandu TIA, you will take around 45min, it depends on the number of people in a queue. For the Nepal entry visa information, have to visit this Nepal govt. official site Department of Immigration Nepal. After you will exit from the gate, where you will see our company representative waiting for you withholding placard written with the company name. The company representative welcomes you by offering the holy Tibetan scarf and transfer to the hotel in a private vehicle. It takes around 30min to reach at Thamel from TIA via means of transportation. The scenes of Pashupatinath(sacred Hindu temple), city, full of various vehicles, peoples make our journey more enjoyable and amazing, then we reach the hotel and take rest. Thamel is full of restaurants, shopping centers, and good accommodation. Trek briefing and afterward invited to a host family for welcome dinner.
[Included meals: Welcome drink]
Overnight at hotel



Free Day in Kathmandu (1350m/4429 ft.)

We recommend you take an extra day in Kathmandu on the second day of the trip. Due to several hours of flight travel, physical mentally could be exhaust. Therefore it is an ideal idea to stop a day in Kathmandu before starting your Himalayas trip and prepare for the trip. During the free day at Ktm, you can simply stay relaxed or to make your day memorable you can do a sightseeing tour on the world's UNESCO Heritage sites or you can do a 1hr Everest Mountain Flight tour or 3h30min Everest Helicopter tour or 1h30min Langtang Helicopter tour, rock climbing, etc. We could arrange these mentioned tours for you if you would like to do it.
[Meals included: bed and breakfast]
Overnight at hotel



Scenic flight to Nepalgunj(200m/656ft. ), 50min flight

After having our breakfast in the hotel at Kathmandu we moved towards Tribhuvan International Airport early in the morning. It takes 50 min to Mahendra Airport in Nepalgunj 200m. Enjoying the view of Himalayan ranges while being on the flight, we reach Nepalgunj(gateway to Simikot). The weather is comparatively warmer than Ktm. Due to the nearness to India, necessities are quite cheap, esp. vegetables. Many Nepali go shopping in Rupaidiha, a little market town beyond the border. The biggest temple of Nepalgunj(Bageshwori Temple) one of the famous and most religious temples in Nepal. It dedicates to goddess Bageshwori- a Durga. Travelers can visit the temple and do arati, a mini zoo with a playground and a few animals. Visitors can also have a bicycle trip to the Rapti river and can experience the elephant safari at Bardia National Park few distances from the main market of Nepalgunj but if you are interested to participate these activities, you require extra additional days. We will have a look of more than three hundred and fifty species of birds, along with other wild animals like deer, wild boars, wild elephants, crocodiles, dolphins, blue bulls, etc. After the visit back to the hotel where our accommodation is arranged.
Overnight at hotel



Scenic flight to Juphal (2475m/8120ft. ) & trek to Dunai(2140m/7545ft.), flight 40min+3hr walk

We take a scenic flight to Juphal with views of the great wrinkle of green ridges peppered with small, terraced villages and surrounded by snow-capped peaks. It takes 40 min to reach Juphal, the main airport of the Dolpa region. After arriving at Juphal, we will start our first trek to Dunai. Walking through terraced fields and descending steeply we will see a small group of buildings near Thulo Bheri Khola with the views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri peaks. Following the Bheri River, we will continue walking Dunai headquarter of the Dolpo region as well as the main trading center.
[Included meals: Breakfast+Luch+Dinner]
Overnight at teahouse/lodge



Trek to Tarakot (2850m/9350ft.), 5-6hr walk

After breakfast at Dunai camp, your trek for today will lead through many small streams and follow the Bheri and Barbung river in a tremendous gorge with pine trees and an ingenious path built about seven meters above the river, after a good walk coming to Tarakot where colorful terraced fields greet us. Tarakot is an old fortress town built by the local people as Dzong or fort. Tarakot was the capital before the Gorkha dynasty. The famed Sandul Gompa lies farther east from Tarakot and at the junction of Barbung khola and Tarup chu (river). The village stands on a hillock to the south of Bheri River at one time supervised collection of tolls for the trading caravans. Overnight camp is made by the river about 150 m below the village near the police post or we climb a steep ridge for an hour to the village on a spur, where there are chorten in a Gompa on the edge of grassy plateau, with a solitary tree. We settle camp overnight.
[Included meals: Breakfast+Luch+Dinner]
Overnight at Tented Camp



Trek to Khani Gaon(2543m/8343ft), 4-5hr walk

After a pleasant breakfast at camp, you’ll start trek to the Khani Gaon route following the Tarap Chu river upstream, crossing by bridge and crossing the same river twice. The path leads through the farm terraces and rural villages of Sahartera and winding gradually towards a small settlement of Kola after 3-4 hrs of good morning walk. From this place descend with a few ups to reach our overnight camp at Khani Gaun with another 2 hrs of the trek and overnight camp nearby the village backyard.
[Included meals: Breakfast+Luch+Dinner]
Overnight at Tented Camp



Trek to Mushi Khola(2880m/9448ft.), 6-7hr walk

After breakfast at camp, you’ll trek to Mushi Khola. From Tarakot, first of you’ll cross a bridge, and then you’ll head to a little in the Valley Barbung Khola. After decent short there in small lodges and before crossing the bridge on the left bank of the Barbung River Where Musi Khola houses were destroyed.
[Included meals: Breakfast+Luch+Dinner]
Overnight at Tented Camp



Trek to Kagkot (3550m/11646ft.), 6-7hr walk

After breakfast at camp, your today’s trail continues to blank above the gorge to a very old wooden bridge, then stiff back across to join the bench with trees until the valley widens into a floodplain (two houses in a pasture on the left handle). The trail is right back to the village. In the curve of the valley, stops can take a spur (high water). The village is pressed against a cliff, very protected from the wind, a little above the Barbung Khola.
[Included meals: Breakfast+Luch+Dinner]
Overnight at Tented Camp



Trek to Pangzi (4480m/14698ft.), 6-7hr walk

From here, after breakfast at camp, we’ll continue our trekking. Today’s trek starts by crossing the river (bridge) and reaching the plateau cultivated in front of the village. Ascend the ridge of the forest with multiple felt to pastures over the last trees. And then continue along the ridge to reach the last birch. At the height of the edge notch spot a well-defined trail that crosses the entire face amount slightly grassy. And you’ll reach Pangzi where we shall set up today’s camp.
[Included meals: Breakfast+Luch+Dinner]
Overnight at Tented Camp



Trek to German Base Camp(4650m/15255ft.), 6-7hr walk

Today, you will follow the rising trail heading towards the base camp which is closed off by deep and impassable ravines that can only be reached after crossing two high-altitude passes. We will follow the trail that heads for the crossing of the first pass at 4,160 meters. From there we will continue our trek to reach our campsite near German Base Camp at 4,650 meters. Our crew will set up the camp as soon as we reach the campsite. Resting after a long day's trek is surely worth it.
[Included meals: Breakfast+Luch+Dinner]
Overnight at Tented Camp



Trek to Putha Hiunchuli Base Camp (4315m/16125ft.), 6-7hr walk

After breakfast, you’ll leave German Base Camp and will follow the trail that is a steep ascend over the second and much more challenging pass. The climbing of Putha Hiunchuli is considered much less technical, however, the ascending trail to reach the base camp is considered much more difficult. Trekking at a higher altitude can be very tiring so resting every now and then helps in restoring energy much needed for fruitful trekking. Our base camp will be set over moraine plateau at 4,915 meters. Our crew will make necessary preparations for climbing Putha Hiunchuli.
[Included meals: Breakfast+Luch+Dinner]
Overnight at Tented Camp



These days are for the summit of Putha Hiunchuli Himal (14 Days )

After one night stay at Putha Hinchuli Base Camp, you’ll spend several days doing climbing training practices with adequate days for acclimatization. And you will follow the footsteps and instructions given by our experienced climbing experts. Overcoming several technical climbing sections and taking weather conditions into consideration we climb towards the summit of Putha Hiunchuli. Once at the top we are rewarded with breathtaking views of high valleys and peaks within the Dolpo region. You will spend short quality time at the summit and descend back to base camp following the same route.
[Included meals: Breakfast+Luch+Dinner]
Overnight at Tented Camp



Trek to German Base Camp(4650m/15255ft.), 5-6hr walk

After the successful summit of Putha Hinchuli (7246 meters), you’ll back to the German base camp. After cleaning up the base camp, you will retrace our steps on the same trail that passes through crossing a pass to reach our campsite at German Base Camp. On your way back you will explore the beautiful landscapes of the Dolpo region.
[Included meals: Breakfast+Luch+Dinner]
Overnight at Tented Camp



Trek return to Kagkot (3550m/11646ft.), 6-7hr walk, 5-6hr walk

After breakfast, you will pack your gear and leave our camp at the German Base Camp. You’ll continue to retrace our steps that head back for the crossing of another pass. The trail after crossing the pass is a pleasant walk as you descend to reach back to Kagkot for our overnight camping.
[Included meals: Breakfast+Luch+Dinner]
Overnight at Tented Camp



Trek return to Khani Gaon(2543m/8343ft), 4-5hr walk, 6-7hr walk, 5-6hr walk

From here after breakfast, we retrace our steps to Khani Gaon and stay overnight there.
[Included meals: Breakfast+Luch+Dinner]
Overnight at Tented Camp



Trek return to Dunai (2140m/7545ft.), 5-6hr walk

After breakfast, you’ll trek to Tarakot. And will continue trek to Dunai.
[Included meals: Breakfast+Luch+Dinner]
Overnight at Tented Camp



Scenic flight to Nepalgunj(200m/656ft. ) & Kathmandu (1350m/4429 ft.), 40min+50min flight

After earlier breakfast at Juphal, you’ll take an early morning 30 minutes sweeping wonderful flight to Nepalgunj over the Himalayan foothills, overlooking stunning views of the snow-capped peaks. On arrival at Nepalgunj depending upon the connecting flight schedule to Kathmandu. If it's in the afternoon you will have time, you can spend some time in Nepalgunj. Then you’ll connect with a flight back to Kathmandu. Upon arrival at Kathmandu airport, you’ll be transferred to the hotel.
[Included meals: Breakfast+Luch]
Overnight at hotel



Kathmandu (1350m/4429 ft.)

Today is your last day in Nepal so prepare for departure, packing, and returning gear. A massage is highly recommended to relax your tired muscles before your long-haul flight home. The Tour leader of the trip visits the Department of Tourism for some Government formalities after the trip as De-Briefing. In the evening you’ll have a farewell dinner at a local Nepalese restaurant with typical cultured dances.
[Included meals: Breakfast]
Overnight at hotel



Final Departure From Kathmandu (1350m/4429ft.)

Depending on your flight time, A representative of IHSA will drop off you at the airport by private vehicle before 3hr flight time.
[Included meal: Breakfast]





Our Offer


USD12000 for single pax
USD6900 per person with a group size of 2-5

Services Included 

  • Arrival & Departure: All airport transfers. We’ll pick you up personally
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu: 3 nights accommodation in a quality 3* hotel & 1-night accommodation in a 4* hotel with breakfast in Kathmandu twin share bases as per the itinerary [upgrade possible]
  • Accommodation during the teahouse: Accommodation during the trek in carefully selected teahouses/lodge twin sharing bases
  • Guides: Trek & expedition with an English speaking govt licensed sherpa trekking & Climbing leader
  • Transportation: Round trip by private transportation from (Ktm-Koto & return)
  • Meals During the teahouse Trek: Full board meals (Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner) during the teahouse trek (including tea and coffee)
  • Permit: Putha Hiunchuli Expedition Royalty fees(permit), Shey Phoksundo National Park Fee, Lower Dolpo Special Permit Fee, and the Trekkers' Information Management Systems.

During the expedition period

  • Liaison Officer: Government Liaison officer with full equipment, salary, and accommodation.
    Garbage Management: Garbage Deposit fees.
  • Nepalese staffs Insurance: Emergency rescue, medical, and accidental insurance for involved Nepalese staff during the teahouse trek and expedition.
  • Map & Bag: Duffel bag with company Logo and trekking with expedition map
  • Base Camp Staff: professional and well-trained Base Camp Cook & kitchen Helpers as required.
  • Staff Salary and allowance: All Nepalese staff & porter’s daily wages, equipment, food & clothing.
  • Base Camp Tent: Each member will have an individual Kaila's tent in Base Camp.
  • Base Camp Equipment: At Base camp: foam mattresses and pillow per member, 1 Dinning Tent, 1 Kitchen Tent, 1 Communication tent, 1 Toilet & 1 Shower Tent, 1 Staffs Tent, 1 Tent for Nepalese base camp staffs, Store tents, Tables & chairs & all necessary cooking gears.
  • Heater: Heater for base camp in each Dining to keep warm.
  • Solar/Generator/Light: 1 Solar panel or Generator for battery charge and for the light purposes at base camp
  • High Altitude Climbing Sherpa: 1 veteran and Government Licensed Sherpa per member. (1:1).
  • Climbing Sherpa Salary & Allowance: Climbing Sherpa Salary, all equipment, Food, and Clothes.
  • Oxygen Bottle (O2): Keep stocks of Oxygen bottles at base camp in case of an emergency (with appropriate charge).
  • Oxygen Mask & Regulator: Keep stocks of a set of Summit Oxygen masks & regulators at base camp in case of an emergency.
  • High camp service: High Altitude Tent, Necessary cooking EPI gas, cooking pot for the member, High altitude food for the member, Sherpa, all climbing staffs in (C1, C2) and C3). Group climbing gears, fixed and dynamic rope during the climbing period as required.
  • Rope Fixing: Well experienced team of Sherpa will fix the rope to the summit.
    Satellite Phone: Satellite phones, walkie-talkies (radio set) with the expedition team leader, and your climbing Sherpa guide. Satellite phones are available for members at the cost of US$ 3.5 per minute call.
  • Walkie-Talkie: Walkie – Talkie for communicating from Base Camp to Mountain and Mountain to Base Camp.
  • Weather Forecast: The right weather is a crucial factor in a safe and successful ascent. As far as possible, we will provide a regular upcoming day's weather forecast from the Kathmandu office for the Himlung climb duration.
  • Medical Kit: First aid medical kit, oximeters to check pulse, heart rate & oxygen saturation carried by the guide
  • Certificate: summitters will receive Himlung Himal successfully ascend certificate from MoCTCA

Services Excluded

  • International Airfare to and from your country
  • Nepal entry Visa fee: Nepali Visa fee is $60 USD per person for 30 days (to be applied for 60 days is $120 USD). You also require 2 passport sized photos)
  • Insurance: Travel and high altitude insurance, accident, Helicopter medical & emergency evacuation. *Mandatory. At the time you do Insurance you should read the policy carefully whether your requirements are included or not
  • Rescue Evacuation: Medical and emergency rescue evacuation costs if required. (Rescue, Repatriation, Helicopter, Medication, Medical Tests, and Hospitalization costs).
  • Lunch & Dinner: Lunch & dinner during the stay in Kathmandu (also in case of early return from Trekking / Expedition than the scheduled itinerary).
  • Extra night in Kathmandu: Extra nights’ accommodation in Kathmandu. In case of early arrival or late departure, early return from Trekking / Expedition (due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary.
  • Personal Expenses: Telephone Calls, Internet, Toiletries, battery recharge, hot shower, laundry, soft drinks, beers, and any Alcoholic beverages (during the trek and in Kathmandu)
  • Personal Equipment: Clothing, Packing Items or Bags, Personal Medical Kit, Personal Trekking /Climbing Gears.
  • Toiletries: Soaps, shampoos, toilet and tissue papers, toothpaste, and other items used to keep yourself clean.
  • Filming: Special Filming, Camera, and Drone permit fee.
  • Internet Service: Not included during the trek.
  • Summit Bonus: Summit bonus for climbing Sherpa- Minimum 500 USD. (Applies for full board member-only).
  • Tips: Tipping is a culture in Nepal and is expected by your Base camp staff.
  • Extra: Any other services or activities, which are not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Any other item not listed in the “Cost Includes” section.
  • Unforeseen expenses not under our control such as flight cancellations or delays, illness during the trek, rescue costs, etc
  • Any other costs did not specifically include the section. Please feel free to ask if in doubt


Foot Wear

  • Kailas / Lasportiva / Millet (Summit Shoe)
  • Normal Socks (5-6 Pairs)
  • Summit Socks (2 Pairs)
  • Trekking Shoes (1 Pair)
  • Camp Booties (1 Pair)
  • Basecamp Slipper (1 Pair)

Upper Body

  • Light Weight Top / Thermo Coat (2-3 Layers)
  • Mid Weight Top (2-3 Layers)
  • Heavy Weight Top (2 Layers)
  • Fleece Jacket (1)
  • Gore Text Jacket (1)
  • Down Jacket (1)
  • Wind Proof Jacket
  • Cotton T-Shirt For Base Camp. (2-3)

Lower Body

  • Light Weight Long Under Pants (2-3 Pairs)
  • Under Wear (5-7 Pairs)
  • Mid Weight Long Under Pants (2-3 Pairs)
  • Heavy Weight Long Under Wear
  • Gore Text Pant. (1)
  • Down Pants. (1)
  • Water Proof Pant. (1)


  • Sun Cap
  • Desert Cap
  • Balaclava
  • Fleece Hat
  • Neck Gaiter (2-3)


  • Thin Fleece Gloves (2 Pairs)
  • Wind Stopper Fleece Gloves
  • Heavy Gloves (Mitten)
  • Summit Gloves

Sleeping Bags

  • Sleeping Bag - 20 Degree Celsius (For Base Camp)
  • Down Sleeping Bag - 20 To -40 Degree Celsius (Extreme Comfort)
  • Thermarest Mattress (Cell Foam)
  • Thermarest Mattress (Inflatable)

Climbing Equipment

  • Climbing Helmet
  • Down Suit (Kailas / Marmot / Mountain
  • Hardware / North Face / Millet )
  • Crampons (Fit with Boot)
  • Ice Axe
  • Harness
  • Atc Guide
  • Jummer / Ascender
  • Lock Carabiner (3)
  • Unlock Carabiner (3)
  • Tape Slings (2)
  • Prusik Loops (1)
  • Snow Goggle
  • Head Light (4 Pairs Rechargeable Batteries Recommended)
  • Satellite Phone
  • Hand Warmer (If Possible)

Bag Packs

  • Rucksacks 45L - 55L
  • Duffle Bag 90 L -120 L (2 Pieces)
  • Water Proof Stuff Sacks Large (2 Pieces)
  • Water Proof Stuff Sacks Small (2 Pieces)

Sun Stuffs

  • Banana Boat/ Nivea Sun Cream -50 (Spf)
  • Lip Guard -20 / -50 (Spf)
  • Sun Glasses (UV Protection)
  • Glaciers Glasses (UV Protection)


  • Hand Disinfectant
  • Wet Tissue
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Garbage Bag

Eating & Drinking

  • Water Bottle (2)
  • Thermos
  • Mug
  • Spoon/ Fork
  • Bowl


  • Brufen / Ibuprofens
  • Antibiotic
  • Diamox
  • Paracetamol
  • Handy Plaster
  • Crack Bandage
  • Tincture Iodine
  • Miscellaneous
  • Walking Stick
  • Pocket Knife (Swiss)
  • Umbrella / Rain Coat


  • Walking Stick
  • Pocket Knife (Swiss)
  • Umbrella / Rain Coat


Trip Related Information



Why do we choose your IHSA company to climb Putha Hiunchuli Expedition?

Professional Service with Safety: Our guides, team leaders have been working on the mountain for many years continue. Therefore they have a long time well experience. They are like legend and brand.

Support Local & nonprofit Organizations: Our money directly goes to local people. As well as we support the non-profit organization called "Nepal Hands For Help"Nepal Hands for Help, Nepal - Nonprofit Organization.

Money Return back: We are professional and 99% of your money gets returned back through your satisfaction services, hygienic & good meals, quality accommodations, etc.

When is the best season to trek and climbPutha Hiunchuli Expedition?

Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November) are two peak seasons for trekking and climbing Himlung Himal.

Do I have to come with travel insurance?

yes, all trekkers and climbers have to come with travel insurance, which includes a helicopter emergency evacuation plan. Insurance is not expensive compared to the cost of an evacuation during an expedition. Without having travel insurance during your trek or climb you will be financially responsible for all the costs of your evacuation and treatment. These bills can be tens of thousands of dollars. If you don't know a good insurance company, we can help you to recommend it.

What kind of problems can occur in altitude?

At high altitude, your cardio-pulmonary system is affected by low oxygen density and you can suffer from general breathing difficulties like Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). AMS is generally manageable by trekking at an appropriate pace, proper acclimatization, and proper diet and hydration. AMS is the beginning stages of any and all other mountain-related illnesses, the symptoms include headache, lethargy, nausea and vomiting, and other general flu-like symptoms. AMS can further develop into Cerebral Adema which is a serious illness caused by swelling of the brain. Pulmonary Edema is a fluid build-up in the lungs and is also very serious. Both Cerebral Adema and Pulmonary Adema are can lead to death. Sunburn can also be a serious issue at altitude. The use of sunscreen and appropriate clothing is important to protect against UV rays. Snow blindness is also a serious condition and is caused by extended exposure to the sun’s rays throughout the day. This mainly occurs in glaciated terrain. For this, we recommend sunglasses that have category 4 lenses.

What is included in my Putha Hiunchuli expedition package?

Have a click on our website cost Included table, there you will find what we have included. Here is the link to check: Himlung Expedition cost included. If you have any questions then please have a contact us with feel free.

Climbers, who come to climb need a Nepal entry visa?

All foreign visitors except Indian nationals are required to obtain a Nepal visa. These visas are generally easy to obtain upon arrival at the airport.

Is it including lunch break and regular rest break in the walking hours mentioned in the day-to-day itinerary?

Yes, lunch break and regular rest break already included in the walking hours mentioned in the day-to-day itinerary?

What kind of accommodation have you provided us during the trek and climb?

Accommodation in Kathmandu: 3 nights accommodation in a quality 3* hotel & 1-night accommodation in a 4* hotel with breakfast in Kathmandu twin share bases as per the itinerary [upgrade possible]

Accommodation during the trek: Accommodation during the trek in carefully selected teahouses/lodge twin sharing bases.

Accommodation during the climbing: Accommodation during the climbing in the best quality warm tent.


How to make reservation payments for Putha Hiunchuli Expedition?

Step - 1 of 3

How I can make a payment & how much?

Please fill up the following company and Himalayan Bank's form to make payment. An advance payment of 30% of the total trip cost per person must be deposited through an online portal or company bank account at the time of booking the trip to uphold the reservation and cover any initial expenses. This advance payment will be deducted from your total trip cost.

When I make the payment, which card, can I use?

Have a pay directly using your Visa card / Master Card / American Express / JCB. You are unable to pay us by using other cards rather than stated above.

Once you click on the "Submit" button you will be redirected to the Payment Gateway Page provided by the Himalayan Bank Pvt. Ltd. where you will need to provide your card details to complete the payment process. Please do not use your browser's 'back' or 'refresh' button while your transaction is being processed.

How do you know if your trip booking amount has been credited to our IHSA bank account?
After payment, both of us receive payment confirmation notification messages (PCNM) instantly, and often we will find the message in the spam folder rather than the inbox. If both of us receive PCNM then it confirmed payment successful.

What do I get For the Trip Booking Confirmation?

Once we have received your booking we will send you an invoice giving payment details and Trip Booking Confirmation Letter. We encourage you to make your payment through an online portal. It saves your time, effort, stress. Here is the link to make a reservation payment for Putha Hiunchuli Expedition Make Payment

If you have trouble submitting your payment with this form, please contact Tsering D. SHERPA through WhatsApp/Viber number 9862258888/WeChat ID mytrek2nepal/write us at mytrek2nepal@gmail.com or call us at +977 - 9862258888


Bank optional

Bank details for payment
Name of Bank: Himalayan Bank Ltd
Thamel Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal
Swift Code: HIMANPKA
Post Box: 20590
Tel: 977-1-4227749/4250201
Fax: 977-1-4222800
Website: www.himalayanbank.com

Beneficiary Detail:
Name of Beneficiary: Incredible Himalayan Sherpa Adventure Pvt. Ltd
Account Number of Beneficiary: 019 054 720 400 17
Currency Account USD
Tel: 977-1-45 11 641
Mob: 977-98 410 710 23 / 9849 420 230
Website: https://www.himalayansherpaadventure.com/https://www. nepalmountainclimbing.com

All the extra charges incurred during the transfer of your money will be borne by yourself.



USD6900 P/p
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2499m - 7246m




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