Incredible Himalayan Sherpa Adventure Pvt Ltd operates under the following Terms & Conditions to which all clients booking through Incredible Himalayan Sherpa Adventure must adhere:


We reserve the right to refuse to continue providing services to clients willingly causing significant inconvenience or annoyance to other clients or deliberate disturbance to the trip. We shall not be liable for any loss or damage to baggage or personal possessions, or any consequential losses resulting there from. If a client is injured or falls ill, all evacuation and hospital expenses, doctors' fees and repatriation costs are the client’s responsibility. [See section on insurance policy] We do assist with quick evacuation. It is the client’s responsibility to have a valid passport, visa and equipment that may be required on the selected tour. We are not responsible for failure to obtain a visa for any reason but we do co-operate to find a solution to the particular problem.

Guides representing Incredible Himalayan Sherpa Adventure Pvt Ltd reserve all authority over the course of the trip. If a client fails to comply with important instructions of guides or if clients commit any unlawful act, they are compelled to leave the tour. No refund will be made in such cases.

Travel/Cancellation Insurance

When you book your trip with us, Incredible Himalayan Sherpa Adventure collects the copy of the valid insurance policy from each trekker prior to the trek. The policy covers should coverage following:

  • Personal accident and medical treatment
  • Emergency evacuation (e.g. helicopter rescue). This is for your own safety and peace of mind in case of illness or an accident. 

Delays and Itinerary Changes

The client specifically agrees that Incredible Himalayan Sherpa Adventure will not be held responsible for any delays or changes in itineraries caused by an act of omission or due to any natural causes (e.g. weather conditions). The client should be able to understand such situations might occur and that we will not be able to inform them of each possible problem in advance. The itinerary will be adhered to as far as possible but the client understands they are only a guideline. The company or trek staff may make omissions or alterations to the itinerary, highlights, and excursions as they deem it to be necessary, especially in the interest of safety.

Trip Booking Policy 

An advance payment of 30% of the total trip cost must be deposited at the time of booking the trip by Online payment virtual to uphold the reservation and cover any initial expenses. 

Final due amount payment Policy 

The due amount of the trip must be cleared 14 days before the arrival or on your arrival day before departure your trip. While you do due amount payment we don't accept payment through a bank account optional. Because we don't have a direct international bank. The currency you deposited from there will be used by several middle banks(one bank to other banks) to deposit the amount in our company's account here. If a small mistake is made whether you or middle banks while transacting from one bank to another, the amount gets stuck on the way and makes mental tension and stress. Payment through bank is optional, it wastes your money, efforts, time, etc. To escape all these problems by two parties(company & clients), we encourage you for online payment optional and denied bank payment.

How I can pay the due amount of the trip to the company?

The due amount must be cleared in either cash according to the previous deal on your arrival day before departure your trip OR online payment 14 days before the arrival in USD currency.

Note: We don't accept the notes why it is torn slightly, a heavy folded note, Ink on the notes, and the series number of notes below 2003.

Do I have to pay extra costs when I pay online?

While you make payment online, my bank charges you a service charge of 3.5% of the total trip cost and it is borne by yourself. If you do payments in cash then you are not required to pay a 3.5% service charge of the bank.

What happens if for some reason I am not able to pay the due amount to the company on time?

Failure to pay the due amount on time will result in the company stopping the trip and the company will not be responsible for it.

Free Cancellation

Arrangements may be cancelled at any time but the cancellation should be communicated to us in writing.

  • Free cancellation up to 60 days prior departure. 20 days before your trip departure, the deposited advance payment becomes non-refundable

  • In case you intend to cancel your trip for any reason, before 59-21 days prior to your trip departure date. You must reschedule your trip or you can transfer your booking to another person on your behalf but have to pay certain amount of cancellation charge for the interchange of the name. While reschedule certain amount deduct for cancellation charge such as: flight cancellation, accomodation from your advance deposit and remaining amount after that deduction will be transferred as your balance amount and 30% advance of total value of the package should be maintain for your next trip. If you neither reschedule nor transfer the trip the advance payment becomes non-refundable

  • After the confirmation of two trip you cann't cancel and transfer your one trip to another

  • Make sure that you have the right travel insurance to cover your trip cancellation expense

  • Such as sudden strikes, changes of permit policy or tightening of restriction to foreign tourists all fall under the non-refundable policy and are therefore not valid causes for any refund

  • The company will not issue any refund if clients leave a trip after the commencement for any reason, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Meals, accommodation or services not used are not refunded

Extra time and expenses due to flight cancellation or delay

There is possibility of flight delay or postpone due to bad weather in the Himalayan regions which could be happened in particular airports, Lukla Airport in Everest region Jomsom airport in Mustang, Juphal Airport in Dolpa, Simikot and Jumla region airports.In this case, you’re highly advised to reserve extra days to prepare with some delays and avoid frustrating consequence. In case of flight cancellation pre-tour/post-tour, you need to meet your accommodation and food costs yourself. Cancellation and the delay of the trip only occur starting and end of the trip during the flight day. In case of the flight cancellation due to bad weather, extra expenses (Airport drop and pick up, extra night in hotel, Guide and porter extra days wages, except the number of days included in the package extra days extension due to flight cancellation or some other reason from individual clients, must bear by themselves, etc.) might occurred which are not included in the package and one should ready to bear those expense. We can also arrange for a Heli charter instead but this adds significant extra cost. While chartering heli because of the flight cancellation, the cost of the fare tickets will be deducted from the heli cost. We highly recommend that you take potential delays into account and allow for a week extra day in Kathmandu. Because of the flight delay, there will be changes in your travel date. Make sure that all the extra expenses occurred due to the unforeseen condition will be bear by your travel insurance company. You can use your extra time here in Nepal by doing many exciting activities like rafting, Chitwan jungle safari, Rock Climbing, Langtang Helicopter Tour, Mountain flights or simply enjoy the bustling streets of Kathmandu.

Unexpected Events

Delays because of difficult weather conditions and sometimes operational complications that happen in remote areas such as Everest, Annapurna, Jomsom, Dolpa, Simikot and Jumla etc region can occur. Flights are regularly subject to delays and cancellations. Clients are advised to leave extra time and some budget flexibility (in case a longer hotel stay is required) for these circumstances. In case of flight cancellations or re-routing at the end of a trek or tour, the client is responsible to cover additional charges relating to accommodation, food, guides and porters. We do our best to minimise any such cost.

Assumption of Risk

The client understands the risky nature of trips. Risks include, but are not limited to, accidents or illness in remote places without medical facilities, altitude related problems and forces of nature. The client agrees to assume all risks associated with the journey, and agrees that no liability will be attached to the company or its outfitters, employees or agents, or to any member of the tour group in respect to death, personal injury, illness or delay of a client, or for any loss or damage to the property of the client during the course of the trip.

Your Journey

We do our best to ensure a comfortable and safety trip but clients should understand that Nepal is mountainous country with often only basic facilities. Hence, patience, enthusiasm and proper preparation are a must before every journey. All services will be provided as per our agreement at the time of booking. If your trek guide is not qualified and unable to provide the service according to deal between first party trekkers and second party company then clients must instantly inform to the company and claim for the better trek guide for the memorable trip. After second party company is responsible to replace other the trek, guide who could read the clients and performance the services entire of the trip.       

If clients return from trek earily then booking Confirmation, reason could be any, in this cause clinets will get back rest remaining trip cost and neither it is transferable for somebody.

Price Fluctuations

We reserve the right to revise pricing rate if posted in our marketing material and website, under any circumstances, or on the pressure of various external factors that are further than our control, for instance changes in exchange rate, permit fees, government action etc. Most of the time Domestic flight fare is changing due to fuel price hike up.

Our Commitment

For every trip, we shall make our best efforts to guarantee you a smooth and pleasant journey.

Government Registered company

According to law of Nepal, we registered our company IHSA in various organs of Nepal government, sister concern of the government, different tourism unions, mountaineering unions of Nepal in order to operates treks, tours, expeditions in legally way and provide safe, security to the valuable clients.

Nepal Government Licenses:
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