Incredible Himalayan Sherpa Adventure

Solo Trekking in Nepal

some travelers do trek solo in the Himalayan region of Nepal with reference of books, friends and online study without trek guide and porter. Unfortunately every year many solo trekkers have been missing for several years and never return. Fall over the hills, attacks and murders of solo travelers in Nepal and which you should keep in mind. Travel solo in the Himalayan region of Nepal may not be safe for you. It is big significant for you to do trek with right trekking guide and porter from government registered trekking company in Nepal rather than hire from hotels and restaurants etc. The core responsibility of the hotels and restaurants is to sale comfort accommodation and delicious with hygiene foods but it is not theirs task to sale trek guides and porters for the trekkers.

Trekking Guide In Nepal

Cheaper guides may not have recognized qualifications. It is not appreciate for you to fall for cheap guides and porters because if things go wrong on a trek, you really will need a guide who is experienced. Trekking; trekking is a discovered, learning, entertainment, walking, enjoying, sharing each other cultural etc. And all these things you will receive from an experienced and right trek guides. A good trek guide explain a lot more about the surrounding mountains, cultural and landscapes than inexperienced trek guides. Experienced and professional trek guide save your life in ‘life threaten situation’. A trained and professional trek guide read clients and meet all the expectations of the clients staying under the terms and conditions of the company. It's a once in a life time trip so try and not skimp! It is not appreciate to believe everything you read on online forums, books etc. as personal feelings. If you are not comfortable with a male guide then we also provide you female trekking guide too on your request. During the season time simply all the guides and porters booked. Therefore, it is highly important to book in advance. Your trekking guide does not carry your bag pack.

We provide you speak good English, honest, helpful, well knowledge about the area, geography, history, cultural, government licensed and ministry of tourism trained trekking guide. It's your once in a lifetime trip so we make your trip unforgettable and lifetime memorable.

Porter Hire

A porter carries your bag pack for you and no more (19kg max. They don't often speak any English. Most can carry two backpacks that they will strap together. But you are strictly prohibited not take advantage of the porter. They are usually very proud people and will attempt to carry things that are just too heavy. Which is not good. You can leave your unnecessary stuffs in Kathmandu your hotel or our office you will not need on the trek. Have a take small personal daypack with you. Your daypack should contain everything you need during the day but keep it as light as possible. Examples: water, some warm clothing, your camera, sunscreen, etc. Note that luggage you hand the porters might not be available to you during the day as they sometimes set their own pace.