As the world is going through the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to share COVID-19 protocol to keep safe during your trek with Incredible Himalayan Sherpa Adventure. Nepal is safe to travel after COVID-19. Though we have to follow various things to prevent the virus during the trek, the services we provide will not be affected. We will make a memorable, exciting, and adventurous trip for you. On September 13, the Department of Immigration in Kalikastan, Kathmandu, has decided to resume the regular visas services. All visa holders requiring any visa-related services should consult the Department of Immigration for information about visa matters. (

The travelers flying into Nepal must present PCR negative report within 72 hours prior to departure from the country and a copy of the form need to fill up by accessing from the COVID Crisis Management Centre( Our office will follow the guidelines provided by the Government of Nepal. The workplace is disinfected regularly and use protective equipment. The staff will be wearing masks, work maintaining social distance. The office representative will wear facemask and hand gloves. Briefings will be short maintaining appropriate social distance. The custom here is to greet saying Namaste joining both palms together and thumbs close to the chest. We would rather follow this custom than hugging and shaking hands.

Protocols for flight and bus

During the transfer to the hotel, private vehicles will be used. The vehicle will be disinfected regularly throughout each group. Hand sanitizer will be available for guests. Facemask to all the passengers. A two-meter distance will be maintained between passengers. A face shield will be provided to passengers during the flight. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the check-in counter. The baggage will be disinfected prior to loading.

Protocols for Accommodation (In Kathmandu)

The hotel will install disinfection spray at the entrance/exit gate. Front desk staff will use face masks, gloves, and long-sleeved dress and also maintain social distancing measures. Tables at restaurants maximum for four people in an area of 10 square meters. Precautions that serve to environmentally sanitize and disinfect premises will also be practiced.

Protocols for Teahouse (Lodge)

We prefer you for camping treks over tea houses to prevent from busy crowds. Camping treks helps to maintain social distance and avoid crowds. The travelers will have a separate room. The group will maintain social and physical distance as per protocol from other trekking groups, lodge staff, and locals. The guide will ensure the lodge owners and staff to follow the protocol and make sure the kitchen facilities and rooms in the lodges are clean and sanitized.

Protocols for Trek

We will use alternate and safe routes to avoid large crowds. The number of groups will be less and maintain distance from other groups and local communities. During the trek. the crew will follow precautions such as wearing a mask, hand and respiratory hygiene along with environmental hygiene. The guide and the porter will be regularly a health checkup. Guide and porter accompany the group that has not knowingly been in contact with corona infected persons at least 2 weeks before the arrival of the guests. The group the leader will be trained regarding the protocols of hygiene and physical distancing. The group leader will report the health status of the individuals in all the health check posts lying in the trekking trail. The trekking equipment used will be clean with disinfectants regularly.

Protocols for meals during the trek

The crew member will serve the food to guests, not by the lodge staff. A minimum distance of 1m will be maintained between the table for our guests. The tables for our guests will be reserved in advance. The table will well be sanitized before used for another group.

After the trek safely departure to the airport by the private vehicle.